Have you had a Root Canal Treatment?

Had your Wisdom Teeth out?

Is a tooth or your jaw infected?

Root canal treatments  – SEVERELY AFFECTS YOUR HEALTH!

It doesn’t just happen to the layman. This family fairy had a root canal treatment over 20 years ago. The dentist not only did it badly he left a cotton wool ball inside my dead tooth (this is me horrified).

The reoccurring infections were the root cause (excuse my pun) – fatigue, anxiety and  underlying immune thyroid issues plagued me. I kept learning more for my clients and for myself. It was when I put two and two together one night 6 Feb 2019 that I knew what the cause was. The next morning I called a dentist and told them to take the tooth out (with ligament and scrap what is rotten away also to suction infection that was found out of the area). Ten days after the extraction a ceramic implant that shouldn’t have been in my mouth was pulled out by me. Then only did my jaw and teeth stop paining me and start to heal.

A normal x-ray didn’t work so we used a 3D one to capture the teeth and the offending problems. (I highly recommend you use this).
The infection was clearly visible.
The offending root canal tooth  found to be the cause just as I knew it was.

it would take 3 months before the healing was enough to go back and check there were no more pockets of bacteria left in the mouth.

It was then that I found this video called the ROOT CAUSE – I watched it on Netflix however many people sent me links from YouTube.

its the story of one mans journey of 10 years to find the answers for his chronic illness which turned out to be dental related. It also highlights the harmful procedures causing the greatest health risks

Wisdom teeth extraction or just plain tooth extraction not done right can leave a bacteria pocket inside your jaw that will continuously affect your health.

So taking the root canal out is just the first step and there are three alternatives that aren’t going to further affect your health:

  1. Bonding Bridge (not the traditional bridge ) – will come loose at some point and have to be re-cemented. (also talk about a dam bridge – no research on it as yet)
  2. Zarconium Implant  (not a metal that trigger autoimmune disease) – ceramic implant more biocompatible.
  3. Dentures

How the family fairy can aid you?

All natural treatments for:

infection in the jaw
pockets of infection after treatment will be picked up.
meridian therapy for the teeth after extraction.

“New knowledge isn’t always adopted immediately.”