Lisa Pivo

International Healer and Coach
Helping you heal, Step into your personal power, empower you to be a better entrepreneur by clearing fear, overwhelm and blocks , step into your abundance and uplevel the profitability of your business.
Hi, I’m Lisa! A natural born healer – my methods are natural and my clients relate to me in a comfortable easy way. My Story: My start in life was difficult. I chose despite my tough start to give and to use the intuitive healing abilities i’d been given for healing the families of the world. I’ve studied through top universities, under the guidance of master healers in South Africa, UK, Ireland, USA and India. I’ve consolidated my techniques and honed my methods to match my style of Being, which i call “Living Naturally with Purpose”.  My journey hasn’t ended and I offer my clients today over 290 healing modalities drawn from and including meridian therapy, acupuncture (without the needles), emotional freedom technique, pranic healing (to name but a few) and my scientific medical healing device together with my innate healing gifts…so physical, emotional, mindset and the healing the spirit…Healing others comes naturally to me just like to all fairies. Allow me to share my gifts with you. LISA  – Schedule a Call

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