291 Coaching and Healing Tools

Being born with an innate healing gifts and abilities didn’t stop me from seeking more tools and techniques. Although I have worked and studied in health and in the healing field around the world for almost two decades… I have gathered an enormous quantity of healing tools and therapies over and above my innate abilities.

Adding them to my kitbag has been fuelled by the direct need to help my own family or my clients.Last count was 290.

One-by-one I will add them and I’ll explain how I use them to help you as an entrepreneur build and run your business, so you can attract more five star clients, uplevel your profits and crash through all blocks, fears and overwhelm.

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotion Code
Energy Therapy
Pain Therapy
Brain Function Therapy
Meridian Therapy
Colour Therapy
Aura Cleanse
Rife Therapy
Pranic Healing
Abundance Work
Enneagram Work
Anti Ageing Therapy
Degeneration Therapy
Endocrine Therapy
“Diabetes” – Sugar Therapy
“Cancer” – Degeneration Therapy
Magnetic Therapy
Juicing Therapy
Dietary Therapy
Nutrition Therapy
Pathogen Therapy
Biofeedback therapy

to name but a few… to learn more about any of these therapies book a 1:1 session 

Thanks for listening and hope to see you back again soon