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So in my journey to online, after working offline for 20 years…
I heard the statement =>

“Business Success is only 20% Strategy, systems etc. and 80% Psychological, Emotional, Mindset of the Owner of the Business”

It was then that I realised that the 80% is my Zone Of Genius!

Here you can learn about the products and programs I offer and below you can read some amazing testimonials.

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Lisa Pivo

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“I don’t know what our family would have done without you! Thanks so much for all you do for us.”

Kelly B

“I wouldn’t have made it without you – thanks for helping me with leaving home, university course load, exam prep SuperLearning and on the day de-stress  and relaxation programs plus soooo much more. My graduation is in part due to your help and I can’t thank you enough for being there… holding my hand every step of the way. This is partly yours”

Thato N

“Ten years, Wow! Can you believe the journey we have been on? The fertility years seem so far away now. Three pregnancies later, the births I know I wouldn’t have had if not for you. Then the toddler years teething illnesses and late nights. Thanks a million!!! You are our families angel & fairy and we are deeply grateful for you.”

Sian R